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Brian Holdens music is featured on the unrivaled Stingray music, whos services reach more than 400 million households
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Brian Holden - Soulful Canadian R&B Singer-Songwriter.

As a professional musician since his early teens, Brian Holden has been around the block a few times, and it shows in his work and explosive performance.  


Well known in Canada for his first-class vocals and tasty guitar-playing from his days as frontman for the legendary “Brian & The Liars”, Brian’s dedicated fans have followed him for generations.

Produced by the acclaimed Bill Buckingham with the finest players in Vancouver, Brian’s music has topped the charts locally and internationally for decades and gets world-wide radio airplay. His NEW RELEASE "Brian Holden Band" puts swagger in your step with songs like "Shootin' for the Hip".

If you're a local, be sure to catch one of Brian Holden's weekly shows in Vancouver. Visit the contact page and reach out to him directly for more details.

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