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The famous "Maggie" featured on Brian Holdens chart topping new album "Drivin'"
Brian Holden recording his record topping the charts on ReverbNation at the Palace Studios in Vancouver
Brian Holden, Vancouver
Brian Holden testing out a RainSong Guitar at Westcoast Guitars in Vancouver
Brian Holden signing his new album Drivin' for some fans at Westcoast Guitars in Vancouver
Brian Holden with award-winning producer Bill Buckingham of Palace Studios Vancouver
Brian Holden, the singing drummer - with Lorne Love in the 1960's
Brian Holde Vancouver with Izzy Dakota Jones of the famous Twitch Band
Brian Holden 1970's with The Piranah Bros.
Brian Holden "Brian + The Liars)
Brian Holden playing the guitar where he's most comfortable - on the steps of his home in Vancouver
Brian Holden, Canada's best R&B singer-songwriter's new album Drivin' his commercial radio worldwide
Brian Holden, one Of Canada's Best Blues, Soul, and R&B Singers - on the cover of his newest album "Drivin' " 2017
Brian Holden in Santa Monica
Brian Holden giving a salut to his dedicated fans, at The Fan Club in Vancouver
Brian Holdens second album Holden, produced by Bill Buckingham at Palace Studios in Vancouver
Brian Holden's album East Village Blues is played worldwide including Vancouvers radio station LG 104.3 FM
Brain Holden and his band "Brian & The Liars"
Brian Holden 1936 Ford Custom
Brian Holden and Jim Byrnes at Westcoast Guitars Vancover
From the album Drivin', featuring one of Brian Holdens classic cars.
Vancouvers Best Blues Singer, Brian Holden's dedicated fans have stuck by him since the 70's
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